Video CV
In 2008 she started producing the first cycle of 5 video installations entitled Forward / Rewind, each based on the natural elements The Fire, The Water, The Air, The Earth and the fifth The Zoo dedicated to the V Element. In the meantime she produces the videos Hope is the last to die and Penelope. In 2010 the new cycle still underway, entitled “Forgiveness: private experiences, public statements” of which she made the first two videos A human heart looks like a fist wrapped in blood and Numb: confession 2, both realized in South Africa. She made her first documentary “On the Threshold” realized on a project of the Lombardy Region, Municipality of Milan Health sector, Fatebenefratelli Hospital and Cariplo Bank on the issue of recovery of psychiatric patients in prison. She has made the institutional video for the Anna Biagi Rubini Foundation in Milan, a no-profit organization that has been spending many years against school drop-out. She produced and directed the Videoclip Before the dawn by Luminanceratio, a group from the underground scene. In recent years she has exhibited in Italy and abroad (Europe, USA and Africa). Among the latest years, she has been the protagonist of a series of exhibitions in Italy and abroad that include: participation in Scope Miami and Art Paris; two solo exhibitions at the Joao Ferreira Gallery in Cape Town, with the Louise Alexander Gallery she exhibit in Porto Cervo and Paris, Palazzo Ducale in Massa; the collective “Appetite for Destruction” at the National Museum of Villa Guinigi in Lucca; the presentation of two video installations at the Suoni & Visioni Festival, a large-scale painting work at SuperStudio Più in the context of the XXL exhibition in Milan and participate in the video festival “8 minutes from the sun, 1 minute from the moon. The latest generation of Italian video artists “at L.u.C.C.A Museum Center for Contemporary Art. In 2011 she participated in the Romaeuropa Webfactory, MUV Festival in Florence, in Disorders and Disorders _Biennale di Alessandria of Contemporary Videophotography and in the artist video review “home_nature” – Front Of Art: experiences of public art – Landscape and community curated by Katia Baraldi and Laure Keyrouz with the participation of ART HUB and with the patronage of Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa. Today she is working on a new project that sees video, drawing and painting closely connected and collaborates with the Kyro Art Gallery of Pietrasanta (Lucca).

Eleonora Rossi born in Milan in 1976, lives and works in Milan. She teaches art at High School. Founder of @visionievisionari. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brera and Carrara and began working in Milan taking part in group and solo exhibitions. After a long period dedicated exclusively to painting, she approached photography and video exploring relationships in their many declensions, under the banner of instability and the uncertainty of contemporary living. At the moment she expanded her research using other media like Design and Illustration. She teaches Painting in High School in Milano and started to lead workshops on crative thinking entitled “Visions”. (some more info about Video cv at the bottom of the page). She’s now working with

Selection of exhibitions


Over the real – Video art Festival – Fondazione Ragghianti, Lucca
Curated by Maurizio Marco Tozzi

Casciaro Prize
Ortelle – Palazzo Rizzelli


Premio Combat, Museo Fattori, Livorno

Ouroboros, solo show, Galleria Amanei, Santa Marina Salina (ME) e Faro di Punta Lingua curated by Elettra Bottazzi e Marta Bandini

Elogio della leggerezza, group show, Kyro Art Gallery, Pietrasanta (LU)

Mostra su carta, group show, Kyro Art Gallery, Pietrasanta (LU)
A big piece, installation for Kyro Art GAllery, Pietrasanta (LU)

Collettive exhibition, Louise Alexander Gallery, Porto Cervo (SS)
Lucca Art Fair 2018 – Kyro Art Gallery – Lucca
Paper Collection – Kyro Art Gallery – Pietrasanta (LU)
L’esercizio del ritorno – Kyro Art Gallery by Chiara Gatti – Pietrasanta (LU)

Moments of Reprieve – Paradise Row Gallery by Louisa Adam and David Birkin – London

Moments of Reprieve – Tallinn Art Hall by Louisa Adam and David Birkin – Tallin, Estonia
Video review “Home_nature” – Front Of Art: experience of public art. The landscape and th comunity by Katia Baraldi and Laure Keyrouz – Nervesa della Battaglia (TV) Italy, with ART HUB and with the patronage of Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, RetEventi
Forgivness – Galerie du Tableau – Marseilles, France
Noise and disorder_Biennale of Alessandria, Contemporary video photography – Alessandria, Italy
Romaeuropa Webfactory – Roma, Italy
MUV Festival – Firenze, Italy
FRESH Group Exhibition – Everard Reard, Cape Town, South Africa

Workshop Summer School and Workshop Summer Academy , Cinema between reality and fiction, Festival of Locarno and University of Italian Swiss, Swizerland
Who frame Roger Rabbit – Villa Guinigi and Galleria 38 by Alessandro Romanini – Lucca, Italy
8 Minutes from the sun and 5 from the Moon, italian videoartist of the last generation, Festival Video Italiano, L.u.C.C.A Museum by Alessandro Romanini – Lucca, Italy
I’m Sorry – Galleria 38 by Louisa Adam – Lucca, Italy
Hope. Tenderness. Resistance – Palazzo Ducale – Massa, Italy and Contemporary Concept Art Gallery – Bologna, Italy by Francesca Baboni e Stefano Taddei
XXL, Super Studio, by Alberto Zanchetta, Milano, Italy

Photoshow, Galleria 38 – Lucca, Italy
Keep Living, Memory and Fear, Sotterraneo San Paolino by Alessandro Romanini – Lucca, Italy
Appetite for Destruction – Villa Guinigi National Museum – Lucca, Italy
Artspotting – Galleria 38 – Lucca, Italy
Reflecting Painting – Galleria Nicola Ricci – Carrara (MS), Italy

Morning walking: New Dawn – Joao Ferreira Art Gallery – Cape Town, South Africa
Scope Art Fair – Louise Alexander Gallery – Miami, USA
Art Shanghai 2008 – Louise Alexander Gallery – Shanghai, China
Contemporary Art – Louise Alexander Gallery byFrederic Arnal, Porto Cervo (SS), Italy
Italy Roads – Louise Alexander Gallery by Stefano Taddei, Porto Cervo (SS), Italy
The martyrdom of identity – Artsinergy Gallery by Francesca Baboni e Stefano Taddei, Bologna, Italy
3×6 – bGallery – Roma, Italy
The Morning After – Galleria Obraz, Milano, Italy

Allarmi 3 – Caserma de Cristoforis by Ivan Quaroni, Como, Italy
Art4Aid Contemporary Art Auction for UNICEF – Sotheby’s – Amsterdam, Netherland
Sarajevo Winter Festival 2007 – Sarajevo
Oblio – Joao Ferreira Gallery – Cape Town, South Africa – with the support of Movin’Up Prize 2007 for italian artists abroad
Drift Special Projects – Galleria Artra – Milano, Italy

Eleonora Rossi Artworks – Joao Ferreira Gallery – Cape Town, South Africa
Mantero Prize for Contemporary Art 2006 by Roberto Borghi and Paloma Martín Llopis, Como, Italy
Premio Celeste by Ivan Quaroni, San Gimignano (SI), Italy

Flash Art Show – Artra Gallery – Milano, Italy
Italy Kamikaze – Artra Gallery – Genova, Italy
Eleonora Rossi Artworks 2005 – UBS – Lugano (CH)

3×3 – Patrizio Patelli Foundation by Stefano Crespi – Locarno (CH)